The Berd sets you Frei


With stunning looks and a rebelliously eclectic style, FREiBERD is equal parts alluring and otherworldly. FREiBERD’s sound, inspired by a transcontinental upbringing, is a mashup of catchy UK electro-pop, R&B and American rap.

FREiBERD’s latest EP, The COLOURATION, embraces both sides, featuring R&B ballads with smooth, rich vocals and raw lyrics alongside club-ready EDM tracks like “She Only Likes Girls”. The EP is a sneak peak into a full-length project scheduled to be released later this year. The music video for Honest, a fan-favorite from The COLOURATION during live shows, was released shortly after the EP in 2016.

Where FREiBERD goes inspiration follows - and not just in the music scene. Such is the story of how FREiBERD captivated the attention of Lake Louise, CEO of organic cosmetics company Plain Jane Beauty. Together, the two created Plain Jane’s iconic Organic Black Lipstick in honor of FREiBERD’s striking signature look. The smooth, semi-matte lip shade is available for purchase on

Provocative, inspiring and fearless, FREiBERD has become an icon of courage for fans. FREiBERD’s message of radical self-love and acceptance resonates deeply with people seeking to challenge social norms in favor of living their own truths.

With a creative vision that keeps FREiBERD moving at lightning speed, you can never really predict what’s coming next - but if there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that FREiBERD always delivers with a touch of mystery and magic.